We love People, Chicago, and Beer

Detailed below are our values that we use to give you the best time while on one of our tours. We take our role as a tour provider very seriously and will do our best to deliver a first-class experience.


Not only will you be lead by trained tour guides – local individuals who love their subject material and meeting new people – but you’ll be meeting local bar owners, bartenders, waiters, waitresses, and other locals. Throw in the incredible fun range of folks we get on our beer tours that will be touring with you, and you’ve got awesome people, a key ingredient for a great time.


This city shines in its own light and casts a very large shadow of greatness. Not only will you see the city through its different neighborhoods, but you’ll also get a glimpse of its colorful past. From tales of the 1855 lager beer riots, to those of immigrant groups bringing their beer knowledge and skills, to the important beer competition at the 1893 Colombian Exposition, to Capone, Prohibition and beyond, the city has some tales to tell. We think Chicago pairs even better with beer.


What makes it all come together? The wonderful beer tastings that are provided on the tour! We strive to select as many local and Midwestern beers as possible, giving a range and variety in flavors and styles. Not only will you try these beers, but you’ll learn a little “Beer 101” along the way. There are now over 4,200 breweries in the United States and a growing number of them are here in the Chicagoland area – come enjoy them with us and learn about them, too!

Purchase your tickets here and enjoy people, Chicago, and beer with us today!