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Adult - With Beer
Adult - Without Beer

Discover Chicago’s German Beer History

Journey back to the 1800s while you drink in the neighborhoods first settled by German beer barons.

  • Explore these neighborhoods, including “Beer Baron Row,” where a majority of the old German beer barons used to live in the late 1800s.
  • Pair your beer with a Chicago-style hot dog, provided by 60-year-old family-owned restaurant.
  • Learn about Chicago history as it relates to pioneers, immigration and beer, all the way from 1673 to present day.
  • Get a feel for these distinctive areas, which have rapidly gentrified the past 20 years, turning them into an eclectic, “hipstery” area.
  • Taste several different beers, about 4 normal size beers in total, several of which are Midwestern craft beers.