Our Gift Certificates Make Great Gifts!

Bruce, Brian and the CBE Team in 2015 Hello brew crew! The holidays, and gift-gifting season, are here. Sometimes, it can be hard to find great gifts for family, friends, co-workers, and others. For the beer lover, history lover, and Chicago lover, our gift certificates  make delightful gifts.

What’s on Tap – December 8, 2015

Lakeview & Lincoln Park Tour 12-5-15 Hey beer people! We are going to start regularly updating what we think is useful beer information on our blog. Check out this week’s “What’s On Tap”: ILLINOIS CRAFT BREWERIES LISTED ON A GOOGLE MAP The Chicago Tribune compiled a list of more than 110 craft breweries from Chicago to across the state of Illinois. It’s a growing list, but includes only breweries incorporated in Illinois.

Pairing Beer and Food Infographics

Pairing Beer with Food Infographic Hey everyone! Our friends at Kendall College released these handy infographics regarding pairing beer and food. Not only is beer one of, if not the most versatile beverage in the world, but it pairs better with some foods than *gasp* wine and other liquors.

Infographic: How to Store Your Homebrewing Equipment

Hey everyone! We were sent this awesome infographic on storing your homebrewing equipment and wanted to share it below. I definitely recommend trying homebrewing. Even if you don’t do it long term, you will appreciate the process of making (and drinking) beer even more. Some great spots to buy homebrewing equipment in Chicago include Brew Camp and Brew & Grow (we often visit the Kidzie location).

Beerkly Update – 2/17/2015

Hi beer people! On a recent Lakeview tour – beer is keeping us warm! So we’ve got this fancy new website with no blog entries! I was very very bad at updating the blog on the old website this past year and am going to try and do much better. As a part of this effort, I’m going to try and do a weekly beer update named, after too many beers, “Beerkly.

Welcome to Our New Website!

Hey beer people! We’ve been running beer tours here in Chicago since 2011. While we loved our old website, it was showing its age, and we just upgraded to this new site. We think that it will make it easier for you to view our tour offerings, understand the tours, and book them, making for a more enjoyable experience.