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Ultimate 2018 Chicago Bachelor Party Planning Guide

Bachelor Party on Sin & Suds Beer Tour Ultimate Chicago Bachelor Party Planning Guide: Top 19 Ideas for Bachelor Parties in Chicago in 2018 We’ve been there. Your best friend announces he’s getting hitched. After congratulating him, even more news drops: he wants you to be his best man. And with great power, comes great responsibility, which includes planning an awesome bachelor party.

Pairing Pizza and Beer

An infographic that details the best pizza and beer pairings. Hello brew crew! Our friends at Home Run Pizza came up with this pretty awesome infographic detailing the best pizza and beer pairings after consulting with cicerones. It will help guide you in your cheese & beer pursuits – although, in our opinion, beer and pizza always go well.

Pairing Beer and Food Infographics

Pairing Beer with Food Infographic Hey everyone! Our friends at Kendall College released these handy infographics regarding pairing beer and food. Not only is beer one of, if not the most versatile beverage in the world, but it pairs better with some foods than *gasp* wine and other liquors.