Corporate Beer Tours

on May 23, 2016

Hello Brew Crew!

A couple weeks ago, I was leading a group of six people on our new beer tour in the Loop & South Loop on a Wednesday afternoon. I quickly discovered that they were all on the same team on a tech company and were using the tour to take a break from the offi
ce together. Many laughs were shared as our group learned about Chicago history, architecture and blues while tasting a variety of delicious craft beer.

I’ve come to realize that our beer tours make great corporate events!Enjoying beer at Vice District Brewing on the Loop & South Loop Tour

From tech companies like Google and Yahoo, to law firms and their summer programs, to sales representatives, companies have taken our beer tours to have fun, team build, and even host clients or prospective clients. The mix of Chicago history and beer tastings on our walking tours of Chicago neighborhoods serve as ice breakers that are perfect for a variety of company events.

To book a private tour for your corporate group, click here to inquire as to timing and availability. Your group can also join a public tour any time as they appear on our calendar here.

Drinking beer beats filling out those TPS reports, after all…

Founder & President of Chicago Beer Experience

Looking for something other than beer? Our friends have you covered. Check out Chicago Food Planet Food Tours for sampling delicious food while you walk and learn, and Hollow Leg for fun craft cocktail classes.



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