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The virtual classes are conducted online via Zoom, which we have found to be the best software to conduct the classes. Upon confirmation, we will send detailed information, including a Zoom meeting link specific to that date and time.

One of the best aspects of virtual classes is that they can accommodate practically any size group! Here are some guidelines:

  • 20 people or less is best for a more collaborative class.
  • Between 20-40 participants still works well.
  • We can accommodate virtual tastings for larger groups of 50, 100, or more with a few easy tweaks. This often takes more of a webinar approach, but interactive elements including breakout rooms can be added for a more interactive and collaborative feel.

You bet! Please note that all classes are private, and other dates and times may also be available for groups of 6 or more people. We will do our best to accommodate. For more information and to start the process of booking a private tour, check out our private group tasting page.

Generally, beer is not included, but prior to the virtual hoppy hour, guidance on beers and styles will be provided so you can purchase within the same or similar style and follow along. Chicago-specific beers are provided where applicable, but geography is not important, and people have participated from across the world.

However, in some instances, we may be able to help arrange the purchase of mixed-4 packs through an independent third-party beer store with at least 14 days advanced notice.


Actually, no! While we will provide specific  beer recommendations for those in the Chicagoland area, and style guidelines for those anywhere in the world to be able follow along, specific beer tastings are not necessary. Participants can drink whatever they prefer, including non-alcoholic options.

Actually, no! We’ve had people drink wine, margaritas, coffee, water, or other things during the class, and have had plenty of participants recuse themselves from beer or even not like beer. We feel that the beer and Chicago history is enough to keep people entertained, and the beer tastings help serve as a discussion point.

We taste 4 different beers during the virtual class. Participation in the tastings in not required, and participants can drink whatever they would like, including non-alcoholic options.

Generally, no rescheduling or cancellations are allowed once booked. In the rare event we need to cancel a tasting, we will refund or reschedule all affected participants.

There is a 6-person minimum per class. You may purchase and book a tasting class with less people, but the deposit fee remains the same.

The virtual class is 1.5 hours long, although it is a good idea to play for a little extra if you can. Bruce tends to get excited.

Yes! Our gift certificates are redeemable for either tour and never expire. Click here for more information and to purchase.

We will re-launch our Sin & Suds Beer Tour, our Bacon & Brews Beer Tour, and our Pioneers & Pints Beer Tour as soon as we responsibly are able to do so. This will depend on guidance from public and health officials, tour establishments, and determinations of safety for our tour guides, guests, and vendors. Thank you for your understanding and support in this difficult time, and we wish you safe and wellness.

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