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We will re-launch our Sin & Suds Beer Tour, our Bacon & Brews Beer Tour, and our Pioneers & Pints Beer Tour as soon as we responsibly are able to do so. This will depend on guidance from public and health officials, tour establishments, and determinations of safety for our tour guides, guests, and vendors. Thank you for your understanding and support in this difficult time, and we wish you safe and wellness.

Yes.  IDs will be checked, even if you purchase the no-beer ticket.  The establishments that we visit will only allow those 21 and above because of the law.

Yes.  There are tastings at various locations and these are included in the normal ticket price.

Yes.  Other dates and times may also be available for groups of 6 or more people. For more information and to start the process of booking a private tour, check out our private group tour page.

Unfortunately, no.  We have to abide by bar policies and certain laws and regulations.  We still love them, though!

Absolutely.  A reduced ticket price is available for those that wish to take the tour but want to refrain from drinking.  There should be plenty of unique history and factual information to keep you entertained!

Yes!  Tips are welcome.  If you enjoy your tour, the suggested tip is  approximately 15%.

No.  You are not expected to drink any specific amount and should only drink what you want to drink.

Yes.  You need to purchase tickets in advance so that we can plan ahead for the tour to provide the best possible experience.

There is no tour minimum. In the rare event we need to cancel a tour, we will refund or reschedule all affected tourists.

Yes! Our gift certificates are redeemable for either tour and never expire. Click here for more information and to purchase.

We do! Our popular Bacon & Brewing Beer Tour in Lakeview & Lincoln Park tour has a really short walk of about a half mile, so it is no problem to keep warm by drinking beer and eating bacon. Our other tours will return in late winter/early spring.

The tours last approximately three hours. Tours may go a bit longer, so try to leave some extra time when planning events after your tour.

There are multiple tastings of a variety of different beers, which adds up to approximately four (4) beers served during the three hour tour.

On our Bacon & Brewing Beer Tour in Lakeview & Lincoln Park, there is about a half mile walk over the course of the tour. On our Pioneers & Pints Beer Tour in Bucktown & Wicker Park, there is about a mile walk. On our Sin & Suds Beer Tour in the Loop & South Loop, there is about a mile and a half walk.

Yes! The tours commence right off of our “L”, or elevated train system in Chicago.  The neighborhoods are also easily accessible via buses or taxis. Detailed information on how to get to the starting point of your tour will be emailed to you upon purchase of tour tickets.

Nope. We’re tough here in Chicago, and tours will be offered snow, rain, sleet or shine.  However, it’s not a issue as long as you are prepared…and, remember, you get to put on your beer jacket, too! You can check Chicago’s ten day weather forecast by clicking here.

No! This tour is about the unique story between Chicago and brewing and also goes into some broad detail about the particulars of the frothy brew.  There is beer offered on the tour but the hope is that you will take away so much more.

The “no-beer” ticket excludes beer but includes everything else, including any food offered, and water. Tourists may purchase additional drinks, whether alcoholic or non-alcoholic, at almost all establishments at their own convenience during the tour.

They all follow a similar format but are totally different tours. Our Bacon & Brewing Beer Tour in Lakeview & Lincoln Park covers basic Chicago history with fun beer tie-ins, is only a half a mile walk, and pairs bacon with beer at one location, our Pioneers & Pints Beer Tour in Bucktown & Wicker Park is a more ecliptic neighborhood tour that focuses on the pioneers and  immigrants who have brought beer and other things to our city, is a little over a mile walk, and pairs a beer with a Chicago-style hot dog, and our Sin & Suds Beer Tour in the Loop & South Loop combines beer with vice (think gambling, brothels, and gangsters), architecture and blues on about a mile and a half walk and pairs beer with a small pub snack one location. We’re confident you will have a blast on whichever one you pick!

There are limited food tastings on the tours – bacon tastings on our Bacon & Brewing tour, a Chicago-style hot dog on our Pioneers & Pints tour, and a small pub snack on our Sin & Suds tour. However, it is recommended that you consume a snack or late lunch if you are hungry prior to your tour. There are plenty of restaurants in the vicinity to enjoy before or after you finish the tour.

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