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August 2017 CBE Brewsletter

Brewletter Blog Header Hello Brew Crew! I hope that you are all enjoying summer! In this month’s Brewsletter, I want to discuss an article that shows how much beer has boomed in Chicago. Ryan Ori, in a recent column in the Chicago Tribune, brings up some incredible stats.

What’s On Tap – February 19, 2016

Enjoying beer at Atlas Brewing during winter 2016! Hello brew crew! Here are some of the beer-centric stories that have caught our eye so far in the new year. Please enjoy! You Don’t Have to Love IPAs, But Many Do  IPAs typically fall into four categories: English-style, American-style, Imperial (double), and The Others. But what’s the difference between an English IPA and an American IPA? Learn why it matters, and why IPAs continue to take over the taps.