August 2017 CBE Brewsletter

on August 21, 2017

Hello Brew Crew!

I hope that you are all enjoying summer! In this month’s Brewsletter, I want to discuss an article that shows how much beer has boomed in Chicago. Ryan Ori, in a recent column in the Chicago Tribune, brings up some incredible stats. In particular:

“Research by CoStar Portfolio Strategy, a unit of CoStar Group, shows the Chicago area has the most breweries in the nation, with 202 — topping Denver’s 198 and Seattle’s 168. The Chicago area includes small portions of Indiana and Wisconsin.”

Denver and Seattle are smaller than Chicago in both population and geography, so perhaps this is to be expected. But with the aforementioned cities’ proclivity and history with craft beer, and how far we’ve come, it is impressive and great company to be in.

Also, here’s some great shade thrown at NYC and LA: “New York City and Los Angeles, by comparison, have 227 breweries combined — just 25 more than the Chicago’s area’s total.” Ha! Chicago for the win.

Vince, Bruce and Emma @ Metropolitan Brewing

Tour guides Vince, Bruce and Emma were able to check out Metropolitan Brewing’s beautiful new space in Avondale/Logan Square this August on the Chicago River, just one of several new breweries opening up in Chicago. Look for them to open to the public soon.

Chicago’s not done yet, either. Here are a few more brewery-related openings scheduled soon:

  • Michigan’s Jolly Pumpkin is scheduled to open a brewpub in Hyde Park in early October. Link.
  • Half Acre’s large Bowmanville brewery set to open soon with restaurant and taproom. Link.
  • As the photo above shows, we were at Metropolitan Brewing’s recent soft opening in Avondale/Logan Square right by the Chicago River, and it’s going to be awesome. More info.
  • Ballast Point is planning to open a Chicago brewpub in 2018. Link.
  • Off Color Brewing is bringing a brewery and taproom to Lincoln Park. Link.
  • The Hop Review identifies 6 more breweries in progress or planning in the city. Link.


While there have been numerous discussions on whether we have reached saturation, one thing is true: it is a great time to be drinking in Chicago!


Sin & Suds Beer Tour @ Berghoff 2017

Upcoming Beer Events

Chicago Beer Experience Beer Tours – various dates and times; Link

– Oak Park Micro Brew Review – August 19, downtown Oak Park; Link

Chicago German-American Oktoberfest – September 8,9,10, Lincoln Square; Link

St. Benedict’s Oktoberfest – September 15-17, North Center (2215 W Irving Park Road); Link

Beer Mansion Presented By Brooklyn Brewery – September 22-23, Morgan’s on Fulton (950 W Fulton St b, Chicago, IL 60607); Link

Oktoberfest Chicago – September 29-30 & October 1, St. Alphonsus Church (Lincoln/Wellington/Southport); Link

Here are other interesting beer stories from the past month or so:
  • Chicago is Bon Appetite’s restaurant city of the year. Link.
  • Here are 10 new Chicago area beers to take you through summer. Link.
  • Here’s a great article on Tied Houses in Chicago. Link.
  • Hit up new breweries in Pilsen. Link.
  • A “perfect storm” of brewing on the city’s north side. Link.
  • Open Outcry Brewing Co. is now open in Morgan Park. Link.
  • Very interesting read on Mark Kamarauskas’s 15 year stint at Goose Island. Link.
  • Empirical Brewing’s brewpub in Rogers Park is now serving brunch. Link.
  • Hazy NEIPAs have fueled Elk Grove Village’s Mikerphone Brewing. Link.
  • Indiana’s Sun King Brewing is now available in Illinois. Link.
  • Constellation Brands has bought Florida’s Funky Buddha. Link.
  • Hamms Beer reflects American history. Link.
  • The history of American Beer Geekdom. Link.
  • Lagunitas (aka Heineken) purchased a 20% stake in Michigan’s Shorts Brewing. Link.
  •  Anchor Brewing has been bought by Sapporo for $85 million. Link.
  • Here are 7 science backed ways beer is good for you. Link.

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