February 2017 CBE Brewsletter

on February 10, 2017

Hello brew crew!

If you’ve been on one of our tours, you know that we think beer history a blast. It turns out that we aren’t alone: the Smithsonian just hired its first ever beer scholar, Theresa McCulla. From an article from the Smithsonian Magazine, here’s a quote from the new brewstorian:

“We really feel quite strongly that beer is a very effective lens into much bigger questions about American history. If you look at the history of beer, you can understand stories related to immigration and industrialization and urbanization. You can look at advertising and the history of consumer culture and changing consumer taste. Brewing is integrated into all facets of American history.”

We couldn’t agree more, and the Windy City has tantalizing tales to tell through beer. Some of our favorite Chicago stories include the following:

Do you have any favorite beer stories? Let us know; we’d love to hear from you! Otherwise, keep learning that hoppy history, perhaps while enjoying a cold pint. If you are interested in supporting beer history locally, check out and support the proposed Chicago Brewseum.

We’ve got more information for you below, and hope you enjoy.
– Bruce and the CBE Team


Chicago Beer Experience Beer Tours, February (various); Link

Cider Summit Chicago – February 11, Navy Pier; Link

Polar Beer Festival – February 11, River North (Rock Bottom, 1 W Grand); Link

Winter Wonderland of Beer – February 18, Rosemont (MB Financial Park); Link

Frost Fest Craft Beer Festival – February 25, Lakeview (800 W Waveland); Link

Uppers and Downers – February 25, Thalia Hall (1807 S Allport St); Link

Darkside V – February 26, Wicker Park (Emporium Arcade Bar, 1366 N Milwaukee Ave); Link

Here are other interesting beer stories from the past month or so:



  • Here’s why Chicago bars have so many Old Style signsLink.
  • Here are eight new breweries to visit on Chicago’s north side. Link.
  • On Tour Brewing has opened in West Town. Link.
  • Evanston’s Smylie Brothers is expanding to city’s old recycling center. Link.
  • Finch Beer Co. is moving into the Like Minds Brewery space. Link.
  • Pilsen is getting a new brewpub called AluluLink.



  • Here’s how Michigan craft brewers plan to take on the country. Link.
  • What’s inside a brewer’s fridge? Not what you might expect. Link.
  • Beer may soon be pouring from your KeurigLink.



  • Society exists because of beer. No big deal. Link.
  • We may soon find out if beer can be brewed on the moonLink.
  • For a mere $20,000, you can get a beer tailored to your DNALink.

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