What’s On Tap – 6-7-16

on June 7, 2016

Hello Brew Crew,

We’ve hit the halfway mark for 2016. June is upon us and so is the latest in craft beer news. Break out the sunscreen and hit the lakefront while the beer festival season lasts!

Dream Within A Dream

Consume, a new restaurant in Lake Zurich (NW Chicago burbs), has opened its doors on a business within a business. An infrequent combination of liquor licenses permits the restaurant to not only serve alcohol, but also sell booze in a packaged form within a small store on the premises. [Chicago Tribune]

Water, Barley & Hops

Climate change is taking a toll on craft beer production. Surface water used for brewing on the U.S. West Coast is drying up due to the ongoing drought; barley, a staple beer ingredient, has seen a yield shortage and price increase across Europe; and hops production in the Pacific Northwest is down in part to warming temperatures. It’s a trend that doesn’t appear to be reversing anytime soon. [Inverse]


China Loves Craft Beer

North American beer consumption is taking a back seat to China. While Americans guzzle 18 billion liters of beer annually, China is consuming a whopping 25 billion liters, according to Euromonitor research. China’s expanding middle class is one reason the demand for quality beer is on the rise, and American brewers are turning their attention eastward. [Munchies]

One Shining Moment

Chicagoist held a bracket-style tournament to crown Chicago’s best craft beer. More than 9,000 people voted in the final round giving a landslide victory to Ale Syndicate’s Richie Imperial Porter. My vote went to Off Color’s Apex Predator, which suffered a narrow defeat (54-46) in the Elite Eight to eventual tournament runner-up, Forbidden Root Wildflower Pale Ale. [Chicagoist]

Vice District Brewing

The last stop on our new Loop/South Loop tour route is Vice District Brewing, located due west of Soldier Field on S. Michigan Ave. Here you’ll find offerings of traditional German, English and American beers. Their stout is recognized as one of the best in the city, but you don’t have to take our word for it—come join us on the tour! [Chicago Now]

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