What’s On Tap – 8-2-16

on August 2, 2016

Hail Caesar, brew crew!

The calendar turns to August, named many moons ago in honor of Augustus Caesar, and we pour the taps on guzzling beer in route to the Olympics, beer shaming, a classic Oktoberfest beer, views from Lollapalooza and applying for the dream job of all dream jobs.


The Smithsonian National Museum of American History is seeking an individual dedicated towards researching, documenting and collecting American brewing history since the post-1960s era. A resume, cover letter and three recommendations are required to apply. Ready, go! [Washington City Paper]

35,000 FEET

Heineken believes they have solved the issues of serving beer from the tap during air travel. Pubs use carbon dioxide tanks to push beer through the taps on the ground, but the compressed CO2 tanks are prohibited on commercial flights. The work around for air travel is keeping the beer separated in a baggie while using “air kegs” to fill glasses. Dutch airline KLM plans to begin pouring from the air taps on flights to Rio during the upcoming Olympics. [QZ.com]


Enough with craft beer enthusiasts pretending to be Septa Unella, ringing their bell and yelling “shame” at every Tom, Dick and Cersei who orders a Miller Lite. There’s still a place in this world for watered down beers, and who are we to tell anyone what they should or shouldn’t drink? It’s shameful! [On Milwaukee]


Chicago staple, Old Style, is returning to its roots in La Crosse, Wisc., where the beer was first brewed by the G. Heileman Brewing Co. in 1902. And the classic brew is taking a trip down memory lane with the debut of Old Style Oktoberfest this month. [Wisconsin Public Radio]


Countless beers were imbibed during Chicago’s Lollapalooza fest. But few had the view of local Chicago photographer, Colin Hinkle, who captured the birds-eye view of the south end of the festival from the 52nd floor of his condo. [Chicagoist]

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