What’s On Tap – 9-6-16

on September 6, 2016

Hello, brew friends!

The season of football and craft beer festivals is officially underway, sans white pants. So let us labor on the taps discussing beer delivery services, Jackie Brown, beer bongs, ax throwing, and news from the northern Mitten.


Piece Pizza Brewery in Wicker Park is following in the footsteps of Half Acre Beer Co. and Burnt City Brewing as they embark on delivery services of their growlers of award-winning craft beer. Sorry teenagers, there’s an ID check at your front door.
[Chicago Tribune]


Michigan staple, HopCat, has strayed from the Mitten opening its doors in Chicago at 2577 N. Clark St. The beer selection is diverse with upwards of 130 brews to choose from. And the digs are supposedly modeled after a restaurant used in Quentin Tarantino’s 1997 film “Jackie Brown.” [Chicago Eater]


The 45th parallel in northern Michigan serves as the hot corner for growing tart cherries, thanks in large part to Lake Michigan moderating the climate for ideal growing conditions. Cherries, however, are sensitive to unpredictable weather and that has more farmers switching to a hardier crop: hops. With more than 1,000 acres of planted hops, Michigan is now one of the top four producers in the country. [ABC News]


It’s unknown who invented the first beer bong. Slim evidence suggests the bong may date as far back as the Middle Ages, although the safe bet remains the American college frat party. Meanwhile, bonging six beers in nine seconds appears to be some kind of record. [Vine Pair]


Beginning September 12, you can legally drink beer and throw an ax within the city limits of Chicago. The Windy City serves as the first U.S. location for Canadian based “Bad Ax Throwing” where the whole idea is to drink beer and compete in tournaments throwing an ax at a wooden target. What could possibly go wrong? [Chicago Tribune]

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