What’s On Tap – February 19, 2016

on February 19, 2016

Hello brew crew!

Here are some of the beer-centric stories that have caught our eye so far in the new year. Please enjoy!

You Don’t Have to Love IPAs, But Many Do 

IPAs typically fall into four categories: English-style, American-style, Imperial (double), and The Others. But what’s the difference between an English IPA and an American IPA? Learn why it matters, and why IPAs continue to take over the taps. Click here.


Nearly one year ago a 7.5 Richter scale earthquake shook Nepal. Steve Hindy, who purchased a two-week trekking trip to Nepal last year, writes of a nation struggling to recover and rebuild, but also learns of a new law passed by Nepali Congress making it easier for locals to open microbreweries. Click here.

Baby Brew

Vanessa Rasanen, The Federalist.com, is nine weeks pregnant with her fourth child. While some doctors and midwives still recommend wine for pregnant women, Rasanen says she misses her craft beer. It turns out craft beer offers health benefits, too, and perhaps more so than wine. Click here.

She So Hop

Billie McGovern, Prescott Brewing Company, had an idea to promote the many women involved in Arizona’s craft brewing industry: collaboration. Women representing more than 30 breweries around the state gathered at Tempe brewery to create the first official all-female brewed beer in Arizona. The result is a red IPA appropriately named She So Hop. In support of February being Heart Health Awareness Month, all proceeds from the beer’s sale will go towards the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women campaign. Way to go, Bille! Click here.

Our Country’s Historic Relationship With Alcohol: It’s Complicated

Becky Harlan of National Geographic talks with Washington D.C.’s National Archives curator Bruce Bustard about the country’s historic relationship with alcohol. Learn why men, women, and even children, used to wake up to beer for breakfast; how troops joining the Continental Army were rewarded with rations of alcohol; and how doctors practiced early medicine by prescribing whiskey and brandy (cough, cough!). Click here

Enjoying beer at Atlas Brewing during winter 2016!

Enjoying beer at Atlas Brewing during winter 2016!

Michigan Joins American Hops Party

Washington, Oregon and Idaho produce about a third of the world’s hops supply, and U.S. production is trending upwards. Although the Pacific Northwest may have cornered the hops market early, Hop Head Farms in Hickory Corners, Michigan has made its way to Chicago. Ben Kramer, Chicagoist, has the story on how this fledging hops farm has landed 350 clients including Chicago craft beer staples Revolution, Goose Island, Half Acre, Pipeworks, Begyle, and DryHop. Click here

The Aluminum Can Shortage For Craft Beer

Aluminum cans are the answer for craft beer brewers when it comes to distribution. Cans are affordable, easy to work with, and most importantly, keep beers fresh. However, the rapid growth of craft beer breweries in the U.S. is causing a hiccup in the industry. Many craft brewers purchase their cans from one source, Crown, a company known for offering smaller minimum orders than its competitors. As the orders for cans increase, Crown is left to rethink its minimum order requirements. Danny Lewis, Smithsonian, explains what this means for mom and pop breweries in the months to come. Click here

Mapping The History of American Craft Beer

Learn how the economists who wrote a paper for the Journal of Wine Economics explain how craft beer sprung up first in the Pacific Northwest, then caught on in Northeast before filling in the gap in the Midwest and finally throughout the nation. Click here


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