We love people, Chicago, and beer. Chicago Beer Experience was started in early 2011 as a direct result of the Great Recession. Christopher “Bruce” White had been laid off from his corporate job. He took a part time as a tour guide for Chicago Food Planet Food Tours and soon realized he had a found a new calling. In replacing food with something he liked even more…beer…boom! a company was born.

Bruce learned that one of the best ways to discover Chicago is by combining the stories that created it – history – with beer. By adding in the most important ingredient: people, including tourists, tour guides, staff from the places we visit, and others in the neighborhoods, we’ve created an experience that several people can enjoy.

Now, with the addition of awesome, friendly, knowledgeable guides like Phil, Glenn, Emma, Vince, Anna, Lee, Arielle, and Katelynn, we are really proud and excited to share this city with you. Not only do we enjoy beer and the story of Chicago, but we love people. We hope that you’ll join us to share in our passion. We’ll have a lot of fun, too!

Cheers and we hope to see you,

Bruce and the Chicago Beer Experience Family

CBE Tour Guides


Bruce, Brian and the CBE Team in 2015