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We love people, Chicago, and beer. Chicago Beer Experience was started in early 2011 as a direct result of the Great Recession. Christopher “Bruce” White had been laid off from his corporate job. He took a part time as a tour guide for Chicago Food Planet Food Tours and soon realized he had a found a new calling. In replacing food with something he liked even more…beer…boom! a company was born.

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Bruce White

Founder & President

Hello! My name is Bruce, and here’s a little bit about me: I founded Chicago Beer Experience in 2011 after being laid off from a corporate job. I wear many hats for my small company, but my FAVORITE thing to do is leading tours and meeting great people. Beer brings people together, and it’s a lot of fun!

While I originally hail from Michigan, I’ve lived in Chicago for almost 10 years, and absolutely love it. Other passions include the lakefront and boating, travelling, and puppies, puppies, puppies.

Chicago is turning into a hot spot for beer and breweries, and I hope you get a chance to explore! My personal favorite beers include but are not limited to: Anti-Hero, Apex Predator, Daisy Cutter, and Juice Pants. My favorite local breweries include but are not limited to: Burnt City, Vice District, Dovetail, Maplewood, and Revolution. Cheers!


Anna Behm

Tour Guide

In addition to leading tours I am a professional librarian, a marathon runner, a pizza enthusiast, and an avid traveler. I love visiting new places and sampling local beers wherever I go.

Lee Brophy

Tour Guide

I have performed theatre, stand-up, clown and improvised comedy in front of audiences around the world and specifically a sold out audience in a beautiful hutong in Beijing.

Vince Kacick

Tour Guide

I’ve been a certified public accountant, a certified personal trainer, and now a certified beer server (yes, it’s a real thing!). Be sure to ask me which one I had the most fun studying for!

Arielle Leverett

Tour Guide

I love history and I love beer, so the combination of the two is pretty fantastic. I hope you’re ready to watch me geek out about Chicago and beer history.

Katelynn McBride

Tour Guide

When I am not leading beer tours, I am a career counselor at a Chicago law school. I moved to Chicago without ever having visited before to attend law school and it almost instantly felt like home.

Emma Meyer

Tour Guide

Emma lived in New Zealand, Italy, India, Ireland, Ghana, and New York City before finding herself at home in Chicago. That’s how much she likes this place.

Glenn Schneider

Tour Guide

As you will see during the tour, I have the best job in the world! I get to meet interesting new people, drink delicious local craft beer, and talk about this city I love so dearly! Holy smokes!

Phil Torre

Tour Guide

I am a professional classical singer and when I’m not off singing someplace in the world, I can be found here in the great city of Chicago teaching at my private voice studio.