Sin & Suds Beer Tour in the Loop & South Loop

Tour Location & In General

This beer tour takes place in the Loop & South Loop neighborhoods and is located right in Downtown Chicago, easily accessible via mass transportation. A trained guide will lead you on approximately a one and a half mile walk through these neighborhoods, where you’ll learn about Chicago and beer and taste great beer over a three-hour period.

Where You’ll Visit

We take tremendous pride in visiting locally-owned establishments. In addition to providing friendly service, these places also have character and uniquely add to the neighborhoods. Included are the following:

  • An old Chicago speakeasy and restaurant where Capone himself was known to hang out;
  • a NEW brewery inside one of the oldest bars in the city, started by one of our many German immigrants, still holding liquor license No. 1 issued after Prohibition;
  • a blues club that was started by Buddy Guy, one of the ultimate legends in the business; and
  • a beer bar with an extensive selection of local craft beers.

Please note that other stops are sometimes substituted due to establishment availability.

What is Included

Not only will you be tasting craft beer, but you’ll be doing so much more on our tours. Here are the basics:

  • Learn the basics of Chicago’s sinful history, all the way from the city’s first vice district, the “Sands,” to the infamous levy district and the associated debauchery, to Capone, Prohibition, and the mob.
  • Explore the basics of different beer styles and beer’s influence on criminal enterprises, especially during Prohibition.
  • Taste several different beers, about 4 normal size beers in total, several of which are Midwestern craft beers. We try to provide a large variety – from lagers to porters – while being as local as possible.
  • Pair your beer with a a snack (likely nachos).

Why Should I Take the Loop & South Loop Beer Tasting and Bar Tour?

Our Sin & Suds beer tour is action-packed. You’ll learn about Chicago history, primarily as it relates to sin – and you’ll be surprised by how many incredible stories we share. You’ll taste delicious beer from visiting unique, local establishments, with great variety on both. You’ll also walk and get a feel for these interesting neighborhoods – the Loop and South Loop are some of the oldest neighborhoods in the city, and we have no doubt that you’ll want to explore the area even more after your tour.

Combining it all together with wonderful people and it makes for an incredible experience. In short, our tour is a really unique activity to do in Chicago that is fun and memorable. We’d love to discover Chicago through beer with you! For more details, check out our “Why Us” page.

We Hope That You’ll Join Us! Purchase tickets today.