June 2017 CBE Brewsletter

on June 13, 2017

Hello brew crew!

After a cool, rainy spring, summer has arrived! Chicago in the summer is full of great events, but we’ve got a really neat one for you this Friday and Saturday: Craft Brews at the Lincoln Park Zoo. Tickets are normally $49, but you can use the discount code “ChicagoBeerExp” for 10% off your tickets. Here’s the ticket link.

I’ll be there both nights to present some great beer tastings at 7 PM at the Regenstein Macaque Forest, North Shelter, aka “Rhino Alley,” and 9 PM at the Waterfowl Flamingo Lagoon. Additionally, you’ll be able to savor a selection of 75-plus specialty brews produced by more than 35 local and regional breweries at beer tasting stations set up throughout the zoo’s beautiful gardens during this after-hours experience just for adults. Plus, enjoy food for purchase, DJ entertainment, lawn games and views of the zoo’s amazing animals!

I love combining all of the zoo’s awesome animals like Sahar, the Zoo’s male lion, with some tasty brews! Join me and help support this great organization. Buy tickets today.

Regardless, you can scroll down for some other great info, and please have an excellent start to summer!



Upcoming Beer Events

Bacon & Brewing Beer Tour @ Paddy Longs June 2017Chicago Beer Experience Beer Tours – various dates and times; Link

– Craft Brews at the Zoo – June 16-17, Lincoln Park Zoo; Link

– Chicago Ale Fest (Summer) – June 23-24, Grant Park (Butler Field); Link

– Chicago Craft Beer Festival – July 22-23,
Lakeview (Sheffield & Webster); Link

– Tour de Fat by Fat Tire – July 29, Northerly Island, Link


Here are other interesting beer stories from the past month or so:
  • Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel started a new podcast called “Chicago Stories.” First guests? Chicago brewers. Link.
  • Chicago named a Top-5 U.S. summer destination. Link.
  • Here’s a good Chicago beer map from DNA Info: Link.
  • Full circle: a gangster’s great grandson is returning to the Chicagoland to open a distillery. Link.
  • A new book “Al Capone’s Beer Wars” provides a lot of new clarifying info on that crime-filled era. Link.
  • Chicago is organizing “Friday Night Flights” beer tastings in different neighborhoods. Link.
  • Ravenswood Avenue is rebranding to “Malt Row” due to the number of breweries. Link.
  • Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head is not happy about the secret Ratebeer.com sale to Anheuser-Busch, calling for a craft brewer boycott. Link.
  • Students from University of California San Diego are trying to figure out an answer to an important question: can we brew beer on the moon? Link.
  • Don’t underestimate yeast’s importance in brewing. Link.
  • German beer festival installs a 4-mile long beer pipeline. Link.

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