What’s On Tap – 5-10-16

on May 10, 2016


Hi Brew Crew!

As we pull the tap on some of the latest news in the craft beer world, you can rest assured summer is coming, even if Game of Thrones cries otherwise.

Three-Eyed Raven

HBO and Ommegang brewery have partnered up for a series of brews to honor Game of Thrones Season 6. The newest release, marking the sixth beer in the series, is Seven Kingdoms Hoppy Wheat Ale. A little bird tells me it’s to die for, and best consumed before winter. [FanFest]

Cinco de Opening

Enjoying beer and bacon on our Lakeview & Lincoln Park tour at Paddy Longs in May, 2016!

Enjoying beer and bacon on our Lakeview & Lincoln Park tour at Paddy Longs in May, 2016!

Celebrity chef Rick Bayless opened the doors on Cinco de Mayo for two neighboring restaurants in Chicago’s West Loop. Lena Brava is centered on cooking with “live-fire” while next door is Cruz Blanca Cerveceria, which according to Bayless, features European craft beers with a Mexican touch. [DNAinfo]

Good Ryes Wear Black

U.S. Cellular Field, home of the Chicago White Sox (shout out South Siders!), has beefed up its craft beer offerings for the 2016 season. In addition to 3 Floyds, Half Acre, Pollyanna, Revolution and Two Brothers, Hop Butcher for the World (formerly South Loop Brewing) is now available. Pretty much explains why the White Sox are leading the American League Central Division standings. [Crain’s Chicago]

Great Beer Since 1857

Stevens Point Brewery is rebranding: new logo, new graphics and a new black bottle cap. Next up: new bottle and can graphic designs. [BrewBound]

Craft Soda

Six months ago soda pop enthusiast Mark Lazarchic opened Blue Sun Soda in Minneapolis. The shop houses more than 1,000 different craft sodas, and sales are booming. Natural ingredients vs. artificial ingredients may be one driving factor, but the wide variety of flavors doesn’t hurt: lime, mango, pomegranate, rhubarb, pear and peach to name a few. [StarTribune]


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