What’s On Tap – 5-24-16

on May 24, 2016

Hi Brew Crew!

Chicago Craft Beer Week is currently underway through Sun., May 29! In the meantime, let’s pull the tap on the latest news in the craft beer world.

11 Glorious Days of Craft Beer

Here’s a list of many Chicagoland breweries holding events, including new brew releases, to celebrate Chicago Craft Beer Week, May 19-29. Go forth and imbibe. [Daily Southtown]


Finding the perfect local watering hole is now easier than ever thanks to Jeremy Hylen and Joel Gratcyk, who recently launched the website Chicagos.Beer. Nearly 300 listings of breweries, brewpubs and taprooms across the state of Illinois are registered on the site. [WTTW]05-22-LV

Custom Six-Pack

With more craft breweries in the U.S. than ever before (4,269), and more in the making, we’re witnessing the evolution of craft beer retail aside from breweries. Beer stores are taking root in cities across the country welcoming customers to seating areas, work spaces, food and free WiFi. If you don’t have time to pull up a stool at the tap, grab yourself a custom six-pack to go—the new wave of the craft beer world is upon us. [Chicago Tribune]


The King of Beers is desperate for attention. In a new marketing ploy, Budweiser is rebranding its beer “America” for a campaign that will begin this summer and run through November. As of 2014, Americans are consuming more craft beer than Budweiser. So if tugging at the Red, White and Blue doesn’t work Budweiser may go in the direction of large-mouth cans, cans that turn blue at the optimal drinking temperature or vortex bottle necks … Say what? Those didn’t work either? [Vox]


Well, that didn’t take long. Saugatuck Brewery in Michigan trolled Budweiser’s “America” campaign by Tweeting out a photo of their newest brew fittingly labeled ‘Murica. It would seem Saugatuck is twisting the knife at the foreign-owned Budweiser by printing “Celebrating Our Freedom To Taste” right on the packaging. But it turns out the whole ‘Murica thing is just a big joke Saugatuck Brewery couldn’t resist. So don’t go in search of finding ‘Murica in stores, but it’s still really funny. [Fox News]

Sunday Funday

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has proposed a set of bills to reform the state’s outdated liquor laws. In short, the Empire State wants to drink alcohol on Sunday morning, and restaurants want to sell to them.
[NY Daily News]

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