What’s On Tap – April 11, 2016

on April 11, 2016

Hello brew crew!

While we are all awaiting spring weather to arrive, at least we can cope with beer! Here are some of our favorite stories the the past few weeks:

Daisy Cutter

Half Acre Beer Company, founded in 2007, was one of the first production breweries to open within the city limits of Chicago. Their flavorful beers are a staple of the Windy City’s craft beer community. Currently distributed in Philadelphia and New York, Half Acre begins distribution to markets in southern Illinois this spring. [BrewBound]

Chicago Ale Fest 2016

Enjoying the end of the Loop & South Loop Tour at Vice District Brewing

Enjoying the end of the Loop & South Loop beer tour at Vice District Brewing!

More than 100 breweries will pour more than 200 craft beers on June 17-18 at Buckingham Fountain in downtown Chicago as part of Chicago Ale Fest. The event is all about sampling new beers, so no worries if you’re not a craft beer snob—it’s always fun to try new things. [Chicago Tribune]

Ancient Brew

What were the brewing practices of the ancient Wari people from Peru? That’s a question Chicago’s Field Museum is trying to answer, and one Chicago’s Off Color brewing has assisted on with their creation of Wari Ale. [Associated Press]

Where’s Your Brewery?

Check out this map of all the craft breweries located in the city limits of Chicago. Behold 1.6 million square feet of commercial real estate space dedicated to craft brewing—more than any other city in the country. What makes Chicago such a breeding ground for craft beer? Access to affordable, fresh water. Hello, Lake Michigan. [ChicagoInno]

Gator Hops

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumers has handed out a grant of $158,000 to help develop a viable state-grown hops crop. This could prove a hefty challenge in the land of swamps and sink holes. Most hops are grown in cool, cold weather climates. But with more and more consumers preferring local ingredients in just about everything, the Sunshine state is aiming to please. [BizJournals]

Thin Mints

Ever wonder which craft beers pair best with Girl Scout cookies? Me neither. Aside from making sure the thin mints go straight to the freezer, I’ve never been particular about cookie pairings. However, this young grasshopper has discovered new horizons thanks to Brewers Association director Julia Herz. And holy Samoas are they good! [Daily News]


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