What’s On Tap – March 21, 2016

on March 21, 2016


Hey everyone!

Happy second day of spring! As we march towards warmer days, here are some of our favorite beer stories from the past couple of weeks:

The Big Short

Short’s Brewing Co., long opposed to distributing outside of Michigan, will now arrive in Chicago this spring. Click here.

Leonardo, Scorsese And the 1893 World’s Fair

Martin Scorsese is bringing The Devil In The White City to the big screen, and Leonardo DiCaprio is on board as a prolific serial killer terrorizing the town during the 1893 World’s Fair. Emma G. Gallegos, Chicagoist, is hopeful the movie set looks as cool as these old photos of the event, courtesy The Field Museum. Click here.

Boil Up

Analyst Vivien Azner says consumers are migrating towards fuller-flavored whiskey and craft beer. Lucy Britner, Just-Drinks.com, sheds more light on the growing market opportunities for whiskey and craft beer producers. Goodbye vodka, hello boilermakers! Click here.

Enjoying beers on our Lakeview & Lincoln Park tour at Atlas Brewing in March 2016

Enjoying beers on our Lakeview & Lincoln Park tour at Atlas Brewing this past weekend!

A New Sketch In Evanston

Sketchbook Brewing Co. is moving this spring. A new tap room will be located at 821 Chicago Avenue, in Evanston’s Main Street neighborhood, right across from the Main Street CTA station. Extended hours of operation and a light menu of food are also on tap. Click here.

No Hops, No Bueno

Washington State’s hops production suffered from a serious drought in 2015. Tony Naylor, The Guardian, says it could cause the mother of all hangovers for craft beer brewers and consumers this year. So what happens to our favorite IPAs? Get’em while they’re hop. Click here.

Stay Thirsty, My Friends

Jonathan Goldsmith, better known as Dos Equis’ “Most Interesting Man,” has departed on a one-way trip to Mars. The hit campaign, which began airing in 2007, runs the final commercial “Mission to Mars” this month. The spot can be viewed on the Dos Equis YouTube channel and features many of the actors from earlier in the campaign. I think it’s safe to say we’ll eventually see the return of Goldsmith as Dos Equis’ spokesman—be it back on earth or from Mars. After all, sharks have a week dedicated to him! Click here.



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